James Thurber wrote that an editor should think “How can I help this writer to say it better in his own style?” Smart man. At Meredith Tennant Editorial, that’s what you’ll find. To me (and James Thurber), editing doesn’t mean willfully cutting chunks of prose or re-writing, but instead, giving the author thoughtful suggestions on how the work might be improved for flow and clarity, gracefully correcting errors, and working toward the common goal of producing a wonderful piece of writing.

This isn’t something that you as an author can do by yourself. Over-familiarity with your own words brings a type of blindness, the same sort of blindness that develops toward the little things in need of fixing in our homes.

As your editor, I shine a light on what you can no longer see.

As a writer, you want your novel, cookbook, memoir, e-book, art book, article, or website content to be the best it can be, whether you’re planning on submitting it to a publisher, going the self-publishing route, or posting online.

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Award Winner! First place for genre fiction in 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Impala by Andrew Diamond

Russell Fitzpatrick has a problem.

After four years on the straight and narrow, he’s got a boring job, the wrong girlfriend, and an itch for something more.

When he receives a cryptic email from a legendary and slightly deranged fellow hacker—his old friend, Charlie, who he knows to be dead—he tries to tell himself it’s none of his concern. But the guy who stalks him across town at night, the two thugs waiting in the alley, and a ruthless FBI agent let him know his days are numbered if he doesn’t turn over the money Charlie stole.

The problem is, Russ doesn’t have it.

No . . . the problem is, Russ is smarter than his enemies. The problem is, that girl Charlie left behind is worth more to Russ than the money.

Russell Fitzpatrick is a man on the edge, and he doesn’t like being pushed around.

Russ’ enemies have a problem.