James Thurber wrote that an editor should think How can I help this writer to say it better in his own style? Smart man. At Meredith Tennant Editorial, that’s what you’ll find. To me (and James Thurber), editing doesn’t mean willfully cutting chunks of prose or re-writing, but instead, giving the author thoughtful suggestions on how the work might be improved for flow and clarity, gracefully correcting errors, and working toward the common goal of producing a wonderful piece of writing.

This isn’t something that you as an author can do by yourself. Over-familiarity with your own words brings a type of blindness, the same sort of blindness that develops toward the little things in need of fixing in our homes.

As your editor, I shine a light on what you can no longer see.

As a writer, you want your novel, cookbook, memoir, e-book, art book, article, or website content to be the best it can be, whether you’re planning on submitting it to a publisher, going the self-publishing route, or posting online.

Look around the site; there are interesting things to read. Then get in touch and let’s get to work.

I work on a lot of books (some of which can be seen here) but I like to give a particular shout-out to some. 


The Cowboy’s Golden Cup by Bridgette Booth

Adventure is closer than you think. Mae LeBlanc is determined to get to the bottom of a cowboy’s tall tale about buried treasure in the woods. But when Mae digs up a mysterious locked box that she can’t open, everything changes. Now, Mae must get help from her friends Tayte, Regan, and Nathan. Have Mae and her friends finally found the missing treasure of Burnt Boot Creek?


Listening for the Sound of the Genuine by Hildi Hendrickson

This is the life story of a man who has learned to confront and subdue the anger and sorrow he feels over the ongoing tragedy of our country’s racial politics. Schooled in the ethics and techniques of the civil rights era, Rev. Dr. Paul Smith is a translator between estranged people, a courageous healer of hatred, a man of God whose ministry knows no bounds.


Even at the Grave by Lisa Saunders

One funeral at a time. That’s how Lisa Saunders tells her story of being a priest, wife, and mother. An Episcopal priest for over thirty years, officiating at funerals became the defining and most compelling work of her career. Through burials she writes about her marriage and struggle to be a working mother, making peace with tragedy, and understanding suicide and mental illness.



The Green-Eyed Prince by Brittany Fichter

An enchantress is murdering Queen Kartek’s soldiers and threatening her kingdom. Kartek’s healing jewel has been lost. Her only hope of saving her kingdom seems to lie in the hands of the green-eyed stranger who claims he can save her jewel and her people…but the price is steep, and the young queen doesn’t have much time.


Modern Vegan Baking by Gretchen Price

With new ingredients like agave, arrowroot, and aquafaba, vegan baking is every bit as delicious and exciting as traditional baking. Mixing inventive ingredients and cutting-edge methods, professional vegan baker and blogger behind Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery Gretchen Price shows just how delicious substitution-free cooking can be. With 125 recipes, plus step-by-step tutorials, Modern Vegan Baking provides a variety of tried and tested recipes for anyone who enjoys vegan baking.


Practical Solutions for Back Pain by Dana Santas

Whether you’ve recently injured your back or suffer from chronic discomfort, you know the impact pain has on your daily life. In Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief, “mobility maker” Dana Santas CSCS, E-YRT shares the physical and mental exercises she teaches professional athletes to relieve your back pain without drugs or surgery. With exercises designed to help you build the strength and flexibility you need to support healthy, pain-free movement throughout your spine, this is a proactive plan to heal from back pain.